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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

With the help of a large group of volunteers Transport and Logistics Flanders targets some 100 school visits per year for the coming three years. With our project, "Safe on the Road" we reach up to 10,000 young people per year. Each visit consists of both a theoretical part with adapted teaching materials (DVD, course form and gadget). During this theoretical part the most important lessons concerning the blind spot are reviewed in 30 minutes.
On the other hand we allocate at least the same time to each class for a demonstration by an experienced driver in and around a real truck in the school environment. Two volunteers dedicate one full day per school.
Transport and Logistics Flanders takes care of the coordination with the school.
Initially, we send a call to all schools in Flanders, thereafter we make a selection. Afterwards, we agree on a date and we put together a team of volunteers and assign them to the school. These volunteers have received specific training.
We have 2 persons in charge for the whole organization and the necessary contacts.

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