European Road Safety Charter

Timisoara City Hall

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Over the next three years, we will contribute to reducing the number of deaths on the roads through the following actions:
We will reduce the increased number of accidents occurring at roundabouts by improving the interior geometry. The issue of roundabouts will be included in a new programme for the installation of 15 traffic lights or roundabout redesign.

We will improve road signs at 20 pedestrian crossings in an attempt to reduce accidents. The pedestrian crossings will be equipped with flashing lights and the roads will be marked, so that cars will see them clearly before reaching them.

We will reduce the number of accidents that occur on the main roads leading to the city entrance point. These main roads will be enlarged, so as to increase the number of lanes on both sides of the road (50 km of new road).