European Road Safety Charter

Telematics Provider

The Floow is a leading telematics provider delivering solutions to insurance companies, automotive manufacturers and fleet operators over five continents. Our capabilities comprise excellence in data science, cutting-edge technology and the innovative use of social science to provide solutions that deliver unique safety insights to benefit our clients, their customers and other road users. The Floow was founded in 2012 by CEO Aldo Monteforte, CIO Dr Sam Chapman and CTO Paul Ridgway with the mission to make mobility safer and smarter for everyone. Year on year growth has seen staff numbers reach over 110, the majority of whom are based in the UK at our custom built HQ in Sheffield, where the company was incorporated and we have other employees based across Europe and at our US office in Detroit. Our intelligent telematics solutions allow insurers to price policies fairly and accurately based on levels of risk. This helps large numbers of drivers to improve aspects of road safety and reward positive changes. As well as this The Floow Limited also enables auto manufacturers to design safer vehicles and infrastructure firms to improve roads based on evidence corresponding to drivers’ and policy makers’ evolving needs. We do this by combining amazing technology, excellence in data science and unique behavioural insights from social science to create rich mobility solutions from the starting point of journey data collection. We have recorded billions of journey miles over the last six years, and continue to add to this number every day. Our technology and capabilities are device-agnostic; we process a wealth of journey data from on-board devices, whether self-installed, professionally fitted or originally installed or through our innovative use of the smartphone as a sensor. Our smartphone capabilities were recognised by Ptolemus in 2016 as being market-leading in their UBI Supplier Rankings for European Telematics Service Providers recognising its impact in risk understanding. When analysed, the data we collect allows us to provide unique insights to our clients and create immediate, accurate scores for drivers based on our scoring algorithm indicating the risk of individual drivers. We rate each driver for every journey across six key areas as factors of risk, providing insights to help them understand and improve their driving behaviour. Our monitoring and analysis can also assist in understanding the cause of accidents, that can be used in accident reconstruction as well as informing road and traffic studies and policy development. Our innovative use of social science allows us to not only understand but also help improve driver behaviour. Our driver coaching program, FloowCoach, was designed by social scientists to work with drivers in the highest risk (lowest scoring) group and transform their performance via a series of telephone coaching sessions. Our research shows that for every 100 people in the lowest-scoring decile who complete FloowCoach, 16 accidents are avoided, saving lives as well as reducing economic costs. The Floow is also involved in a range of initiatives which further transport and road safety innovation especially in the development of future mobility technologies where The Floow work on providing risk analysis and understanding. One such project is MOVE_UK which is part-funded by the UK Government and brings together six organisations, including Bosch and Jaguar Land Rover, aiming to reduce the timescale and cost of autonomous vehicle development whilst maintaining safe development. This is undertaken via live trials of the technology in real-world environments giving insight about future safety risks.