European Road Safety Charter

Sony Europe

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Sony Europe considers road safety as a very important social issue which needs to be improved and further attention given. Sony perceives itself in the position to actually contribute to the improvement of Road Safety within employees and contractors. Therefore, Sony Europe has decided to become part of the European Road Safety Charter from 2010 to 2013. With these actions we aim for the achievement of a better road safety:
1.      Sony employees and on-site contractors
We plan to increase the awareness of our employees on road safety issues. As a first step, we will identify the employees, within the universe of approximately 15.000 employees that are working in our European operations, to whom road safety represents a risk. We will work different actions to approach different target groups in terms of their needs.
-         We will make available an e–learning training course to all our employees (approximately 15.000), with the purpose of raising awareness on road safety, including driving behaviour and dangers whilst driving to, coming from work, or during private time.
-         According to the needs identified with the risk assessments we will consider organising a road safety training for our employees that have to drive during work time (business trips and professional driving). The training shall provide the necessary insight about safety driving rules and behaviour whilst driving. We consider driving behaviour as one of the main reasons for traffic accidents.
-         We will consider in the road safety training and in the e–learning course the special needs of young employees between “18 – 25 years old”. As this group is considered as having a high likelihood of causing road safety accidents (e.g. speed driving, driving under the influence of alcohol/ drugs).
-         We will hire transports for our employees (e.g. buses) and promote usage of public transportation to give our employees the chance to come to work without having to drive own private vehicle and, consequently, without risking their lives in traffic (as being applicable to the individual site).
We will treat Sony on–site contractors as company employees and give them the opportunity to participate equally in our training program.
We will adapt, as possible, the road program from country to country, depending on the specificity of road safety needs.
2.      Road safety of contractors (logistic companies transporting products and parts)
We plan to make road safety an issue not only for us but also for companies that work or want to work with us. Therefore we will make road safety as an important criterion for choosing, contracting and re–contracting logistics companies that transport products and parts, as well bus companies that transport our employees.
The selection will include their record in terms road safety. Besides the statistics of accidents caused by their employees, it will be also considered the road safety actions implemented to improve their performance. With this procedure, we hope to improve the road safety also in other companies.
Data of our contractors will help us to further sharpen our selection criteria.
3.      Risk assessment and data collection
To measure our success, to increase our knowledge and to improve our actions in road safety over the years, we will:
-         start collect of more detailed data on road accidents, including collisions and their causes. It will be achieved via enhancement of occupational health and safety statistics database.
-         detailed risk assessment of workplaces with car driving.
-         our pre-defined groups of high likelihood for causing collisions in traffic will be taken into account and special data will be collected to follow up what kind of training program is needed to meet their needs.
After a year, the risk assessments and collected data will give us an insight what further actions can be taken and how we can proceed for the future in improving road safety.
We hope that first year data will enabled us to set us more quantitative goals.