European Road Safety Charter

Signal Iduna Versicherungsgruppe

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The SIGNAL IDUNA Group works to fulfil its goal of keeping its customers informed regarding traffic safety, acknowledging careful participation in highway traffic by means of premium advantages when it comes to categorising risks. Additionally, we strive toward cooperation with strategic partners in order to jointly increase safety of traffic participants.
We support the European Road Safety Charter through the following measures:
1) We will encourage prudent driving habits through the consideration of the following price-basing rate characteristics:
·        Driver safety training / preventing the accumulation of points in the high-risk segment of younger motorists (21-23 years)
·        Supporting model tests for accompanied driving (motorists from 17 years of age with an accompanying person)
·        Availability of an electronic stability system (ESP)
·        Low annual driving levels
·        Claim-free policies (no-claim discount system)
·        Antiblocking system for motorcycles
·        Motorcycles with a low power to weight ratio.
    2) We will support driver safety training and sponsor driver safety centres
We encourage our customers to participate in driver safety training programmes administered according to the regulations of the German Road Safety Council (DVR). We reward this involvement by our customers in the form of discounts and coupons. Additionally, through sponsoring, we actively support preventative activities at the Nürburgring driver safety centre.
3) We will establish the club ‘Trägerverein Ladungssicherheit’ (carriers’ association freight safety)
The SIGNAL IDUNA Group is a co-founder of the Trägerverein Ladungssicherheit club which works on furthering accident prevention through information, prevention and market monitoring of the safety facilities used for freight in goods traffic. Through this involvement, we strive to contribute to prevent road traffic accidents, often particularly due to inexpert freight securing methods. To this end, the Trägerverein Ladungssicherung has established a cornerstone with the educational concept “IHK freight securing principles” in cooperation with the Dortmund Chamber of Commerce and Industry, thus ensuring the practical requirements in the field. In this educational concept, companies, and particularly our customers, are to be made more aware of the subject. With the focus on load securing, the possibility arises of constantly building on a system that trains persons responsible in the industry regarding the latest, time- and money-saving solutions and gathering the relevant problems from the realm of practice.
The knowledge thus gained, in its turn, flows into training concepts, leading to a constantly learning and improving system.
4) We will cooperate with the Automobile and Travel Club (ARCD)
This organisation is also a signatory of the European Road Safety Charter and works towards its goal through educational work and projects. We support those efforts to improve traffic safety by increasing the recognition of the ARCD and actively offering our customers membership in that organisation.

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