European Road Safety Charter

Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA)

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The Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA) will proactively encourage businesses in Scotland of all sizes, particularly the small and medium enterprises, to carry out action plans to improve safety on Scotland's roads and to share their good practice with all other organisations that hold the same vision by the following actions:
1. To communicate developments in relation to road safety aims, to analyse current existing links with agency partners, and identify partner agency links still to be established. Our objective will be to improve effectiveness of networking stakeholders in the field of road safety.
2. To contribute to decrease traffic create by occupational activities, we consider organising 3 ScORSA meetings per annum as 'meeting without moving' (virtual meetings held via media conferences).
3. Encourage organisations to develop road safety activities by establishing a statement of common goals to 'sign-up' to ScORSA on-line. By signing up to this statement, organisations commit to work towards this common goal. Through yearly on line sign up, organisations will be able to maintain the website link to ScORSA.
4. We will develop a short questionnaire section online to gather data relating to driving for work, provide on-line toolkits, e.g. MORR case study development (Managing Occupational Road Risk) and seek to provide case studies demonstrating the clear benefits of MORR.
Target audience; SME's and 'grey' fleet (when employees use their private cars for business purposes).

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Driving is the most dangerous work activity that most people do.   Millions of cars, vans, lorries, taxis, buses, motorcycles are used for work.   Very few organisations operate without using motor vehicles   The Scottish Road Safety Alliance is a proactive road safety partnership sharing a wealth of knowledge and expertise with small and medium sized businesses within a Scottish context.