European Road Safety Charter


India has 1 % of the world’s energy resources, but is home for 16 % of world’s population. India’s oil production is about 30% of its consumption. Thus, it has to import crude oil which is doubled in 4 years by volume and 400 times by value. Keeping in view of the limited availability of fossil fuels (lasting for the next 40 years or so) and causing enormous damage to the environment , the Women & Child Welfare Society has dedicated a lion share of its activity in developing consumer awareness in very sphere of life style in general while that of rural sector in particular.Education and training are important to nurture skills of people in the rural sector.Moderated daily life style and stringent measures to save fuel in modernized rural farming sector adopting various mechanical implements require research and extension work on regional developmental needs as well as on farming sites.Founded in 1994, the Women & Child Welfare Society (WCWS) is a state level organization that works for the development of needy and marginalized people in the state of Odisha. It acts as a unique resource agency bridging the gap between the government's welfare schemes and disadvantaged section of the society. It is a prized & acclaimed Society rendering holistic awareness campaigns on petroleum product consumption and conservation.