European Road Safety Charter

Sagunto Local Police Road Safety Education Department

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The local police Road Safety Education Department of Sagunto Town Council are signing the European Road Safety Charter and committed to organise an annual programme including theory and practical classes for all schoolchildren in the municipality (approximately 8,000 nursery, primary and secondary schoolchildren). It will also give theory and practical classes for immigrants.
Our programme goes above and beyond teaching the Highway Code, seeking to teach children about values and the related fundamental notions of a democratic society based on respect, responsibility, solidarity and recognition of the rights of others.
Through this programme, we would like to achieve a number of objectives so that schoolchildren are able to:
Learn about the physical environment of each school and the road infrastructure characteristics of the various zones of influence, developing appropriate behavioural habits in relation to traffic in each zone.
Develop and adopt correct behavioural habits in relation to traffic, so as to acquire and incorporate road sense.
Understand pedestrian traffic regulations and adopt appropriate and sensible habits as pedestrian users of interurban and urban public roads (eg. differentiate the pavement and the hard shoulder). This will be taught in the learning centers and in the classroom of Traffic Safety center. Then, in the Traffic Safety playground, practices will be carried out with electric vehicles, while a portion of the students, in turn, represent the role of pedestrians on the circuit.
Use private and public transport appropriately and responsibly as passengers, valuing the importance of communication infrastructures and being aware of the benefits and risks related to use.
Learn the basics of safety principles when using vehicles, particularly bicycles and mopeds, adopting an essential sense of responsibility for the appropriate use of these vehicles in all circumstances.
Value the importance of respecting traffic regulations and signs, understanding their meaning and how and when to use them.