European Road Safety Charter

Sagem Sécurité

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Within the context of our adhesion to the European Road Safety Charter, Sagem Sécurité commit to carrying out the actions below over the course of the next three years:
-        National Road Safety Day: organise a road safety workshop directed at salaried company employees (professional intervention) for one day.
-        Courtesy-behind-the-Wheel Day: post (awareness-raising using the ten commandments included in the project) on the three sites in France (around 10 postings total).
-        Training: driving course reserved for collaborators who often use their vehicle as part of their job. One-day course on different themes (alcohol/drugs, sleepiness/fatigue, speed/distance, eco-driving, etc.).
-        Internal magazine: anticipate subjects related to road safety and insert them into different issues. Published quarterly (and with a brief insert in each issue focusing on actions in progress).
-        New employment pack: inform and raise awareness among newcomers of our commitment in terms of road safety.
-        Leaflet: create an informational leaflet on the rules to follow and the rules of good behaviour on the road aimed at all the employees of the establishments in France, meaning around 1,500 copies.
-        Intranet: create a section dedicated to road safety (aimed at our collaborators).
-        Internet: make visitors aware of the problematic issues of road safety (aimed at the public at large).

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