European Road Safety Charter

Safety Winter Holidays with the Police Course

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On February 3rd 2016 before winter holidays, first grade students had a chance to meet a policeman from The Police Traffic Department in Slupsk. Children already knew a great deal about his duties. Together they established that pedestrians on the road can move only along the sidewalk or if there isn't any, on the left side of the road. Moreover, crossing the road is acceptable in assigned spots such as zebra crossing or traffic lights. Pedestrians should always make sure that there isn't any vehicle coming. What is more, a very important thing for their own safety is to wear fluorescent elements, especially at dusk. In addition, the policeman pointed to the various leisure activities. Children, until they are ten, should only ride a bike in a road traffic accompanied by adults and the bike itself should be properly equipped. Amateurs of winter fun were reminded to choose a hill to slide down which doesn't lead to the road. Furthermore, any sleigh rides should be organised only on forest roads or across fields.