European Road Safety Charter

Safety analyses and evaluation of measures to improve road safety

One of the central goals of road operators is to achieve road safety across the entire road network. With SAFE, we carry out comprehensive analyses to reliably assess the risk of accidents on existing and planned roads and develop measures to reduce accidents. SAFE: Your Benefits •Evaluation of effective measures for accident prevention •Detailed accident statistics •Meaningful visualisation of accident events •Guidance for recording and processing accident data •Detailed accident root cause analysis based on road condition, road geometry, and driving dynamics •Analysis of accident black spots and traffic conflicts utilising data from mobile devices •Prediction of site-specific accident risk INVESTIGATING ACCIDENTS AND OTHER RELEVANT FACTORS We look at relevant factors in advance: detailed accident statistics, including all accidents with personal injury in Austria from 1994, results from empirical studies on traffic conditions with our TRAFFIC service, road condition data such as road friction, geometry data such as curve radii, and weather data. LINKING ALL DATA IN MODELS AND ANALYSING ACCIDENT EVENTS Using specially developed risk models – our Accident Prediction Models – we combine all factors and conduct in-depth analyses of accidents and causes. In addition, we analyse information about vehicles and drivers. In order to evaluate critical driving manoeuvres, we measure vehicle dynamics limits using specially-equipped vehicles. EVALUATION OF THE ACCIDENT RISK AND DEVELOPING FUTURE MEASURES The results allow risk assessment for existing and planned roads, such as the investigation of hazards posed by certain curve radii. In addition, we evaluate measures such as vehicle restraint systems along lanes and develop forecasts for vehicle trends and traffic strategies, which allows us to define the dangers of new technologies. TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE IS PARAMOUNT Traffic conditions are becoming increasingly complex due to the varying individual use of road space, increasing interaction between road users and the use of new technologies. An efficient and safe transport infrastructure is of crucial importance and requires strategies and applicable targeted measures. SAFE PROVIDES BETTER SAFETY FOR YOUR ROADS Thanks to our accurate and extensive analyses and evaluation of measures, you know exactly where the dangerous spots in your road network are and what precautions you need to take to increase road safety.