European Road Safety Charter

SAFE, GREEN AND CONNECTED ROAD. A project for sustainable mobility and for the acceleration of the ecological and digital transition in the road sector

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In a context characterized by the need to progress to a safe, sustainable and connected mobility, it is essential to propose a digital and ecological transformation of the road sector, as shown in this project.
During the last years, the limited budget for roads, not only in Spain, but also in other European Member States, is causing a significant and alarming deterioration of the existing road network, while it is limiting the contribution of roads to the digital and ecological transition, sustainable mobility, increased road safety, decarbonisation of transport, reinforcing social and territorial cohesion, as well as the modernization of the road network and the road Administration.
In addition, roads should allow a safe, sustainable and connected mobility, in accordance with the strategy of the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and with the Law of Mobility and Financing of Urban Transport, as well as the consequent stimulation of the economy and job creation.
The proposal SAFE, GREEN AND CONNECTED ROAD responds to these challenges and is aligned with the Next Generation Europe Plan and Recovery Plan Transformation and Resiliency "España Puede", published in its first version by the Government of Spain in October 2020 and consolidated in April 2021. This proposal is highly connected with strategic policies of “España Puede”, such as "Urban and rural agenda, fight against depopulation and urban development", "Resilient infrastructures and ecosystems", "Fair and inclusive energy transition", "Administration for the 21st century ", "Modernization and digitization of the industry and SMEs" or "Pact for science and innovation".
The concept SAFE, GREEN AND CONNECTED ROAD has been conceived as a driving strategy for economic recovery and transformation, with the following main objective:
Accelerate the transformation of roads to enable a new mobility model based on ecological and digital transition. Thus, the SAFE, GREEN AND CONNECTED ROAD initiative is the basis for the implementation of a new mobility model in the road network.
The proposal is focused on improving competitiveness, quality of service and sustainability of mobility by means of digitalization and connectivity in roads, together with ecological transition; as a result, new mobility services for passengers and goods will be created and improved, in order to materialize policies of connected, safe and sustainable mobility, through the following lines of action:
• Improvement of safety - SAFE ROAD program.
• Acceleration and promotion of ecological transition – GREEN ROAD program.
• Intelligent management of infrastructures and mobility & automation of mobility, as well as the strengthening Public Administration - CONNECTED ROAD program.