European Road Safety Charter

Safe Driving Training

Safe Driving Training: The Renaissance
Traffic on the roads is our most dangerous daily activity, in association with our coexistence with the other road users. This has led the Driving School Giannoukas to put forward the Safe Driving Training methodology.
With the term Renaissance we take a step further by training and regenerating regular drivers with a view to acquiring a complex and multifaceted set of driving skills.

Specifically, aim is:
• acquisition of psycho-motor, cognitive and perceptual skills
• focus on specific skills deficiencies
• awareness of road safety issues
• exchange of knowledge and experiences
• training based on realistic life situations

Addressed to:
• new emerging drivers for their proper lifelong learning in driving
• drivers with a diploma to assess their driving behavior
• professional company drivers to certify the adequacy of their diploma

Methodological development:
• identification of potential participants
• preparation of educational plan and materials
• interactive presentations and multidisciplinary teaching
• use of driving simulator
• use of training vehicles for practice
• setting routes for assessing perceptual skills

• building a new driving culture
• accident prevention
• flexibility and maneuvering
• awakening and consolidating the Road Traffic Code
• setting up a system of initiatives and continuous updating for proper guidance and navigation