European Road Safety Charter

Royal federation of Belgian carriers and logistic service providers (FEBETRA)

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

FEBETRA wants to improve the road safety of transport and logistics providers by means of the following actions:
1) Advice and training
Our federation provides advice on the proper stowage of cargo, driving time and rest periods and other matters that affect road safety. We distribute free brochures on cargo securing for drivers and publish a guide on driving time and rest period, and the tachograph.
Annually we organize training on cargo securing and driving time and rest periods.
a) Cargo securing training
During the training session, a specialist on cargo securing from the company Consultrans Solutions explains the technical side of the cargo securing (e.g. stowage methods and different stowage means, calculating tension force...). Afterwards our lawyers explain the juridical aspects (including the different responsibilities of drivers, transporters...).
At the end of the session the participants are given the opportunity to ask questions.
This training lasts approximately 3 hours.
In addition, this year we will also organise a training session on cargo securing in collaboration with the federal police. The federal police will explain the cargo securing from the perspective of police controls.
b) Driving time and rest periods training
Our lawyers explain the regulations on driving time and rest periods and the regulations regarding the tachograph. They give many practical examples to illustrate the current law. The training is interactive and there is plenty of time for questions and comments from the participants. This course also lasts 3 hours.
2) Advocacy and prevention
We also attach great importance to advocacy and prevention. Awareness campaigns through posters and / or other channels are an essential part of FEBETRA's actions. Through our daily contacts with carriers and drivers, we have a fairly good view on the problems and the necessary points for attention. We focus our actions accordingly, to the current safety issues. These issues are then discussed in practical articles that we publish in our monthly magazine, or on our website (e.g. speed limits in different countries, the use of snow chains, driving and rest periods, driving bans...)
In cooperation with our international umbrella organization IRU, we annually award honorary diplomas to drivers. The conditions to obtain such an honorary diploma are stringent: at least 20 years continuous service as a driver, not having caused any serious traffic accident during the last 20 years and not having committed any serious violations of traffic regulation in the last 5 years. 
This year we developed together with the Belgian Institute for Road Safety (BRSI) a brochure entitled "Truckers are heroes". The brochure reminds the driver about its responsibilities and also includes some tips. We also have developed posters and a website. We will continue to disseminate these brochures during controls until they’re exhausted.

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