European Road Safety Charter

Road Safety Scotland

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Commitment renewed 2009 – 2012
We are currently involved in writing a ten-year strategy for Scotland, and we will continue to draw together all key players in road safety in Scotland to help deliver the action points in that strategy. We will keep abreast of the latest and most effective methods of communicating road safety messages in an educational and/or marketing environment, using up-to-date teaching methods. This will include leaflets, bookmarks, DVDS, adverts for cinema, television and radio, and outdoor media as appropriate.
The process is planned by means of effective partnerships between RSS, Scottish Government, the police, and other key road safety people within Scotland. In a time of serious financial concerns, the Scottish Government has increased its road safety spend by 50% over the next three years to 2011. This will be administered by a Policy and Delivery Team within Scottish Government, while the areas on which it is spent will be directed by two Sub-committees which represent all road safety professionals in Scotland.
Number of people targeted by our action: All Scottish road users (c 4 million).
This is a continuation of our previous commitment.