European Road Safety Charter

Road Safety Council of Northern Ireland

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Our members have ready access to road collision statistics and causation factors and work closely with and are constantly updated by the various statutory bodies involved in the Northern Ireland Road Safety Strategy 2002-2012. Northern Ireland has the highest road fatality rate per 100,000 population of any region in the UK, 17 to 24 year age group over represented in killed and serious injury collisions. We therefore commit to:
We will undertake road safety campaigns so as to promote the education of the community in relation to road safety and encourage active participation by members and the general public in national and local road safety campaigns and road safety training programmes.
In the present financial year we intend to organise some 80 various events such as primary school road safety and adult road safety quizzes, public competitions with road safety themes, cycling proficiency competitions, safe driving events and presentations to vulnerable groups to reach an immediate audience of some 30.000 persons. The events will be organised in relation to available statistical information on collision trends etc.
Much of the planning will be carried out by our 17 local committees with an overview and support from our secretariat and a 10 member executive committee, particularly for regional competition finals. We will also use a variety of tools including presentations, quiz questions, vehicle maintenance surveys, practical safe driving tests and distribution of road safety leaflets.
We anticipate an attendance of 30,000 at our events with 200,000 materials produced (leaflets, etc.). We will review our action plan for the 2 following years.