European Road Safety Charter

P&V Group

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The P&V Group is committed to improve the road safety and will therefore take the following actions:
- Raise awareness among young people on their driving behaviour
The P&V Group is concerned about the often very serious accidents involving young drivers. We are aware of our responsibility in the society as an insurer and wish to offer a solution for young responsible drivers. Therefore P&V has developed a specific car product with a monitoring system aboard the vehicle.
This system allows the owner of the vehicle to consult the statistics on the use of the vehicle online. These statistics indicate mainly the total and % of mileage, split up by time and according to the road type. This will allow the young driver to become aware and evaluate his own driving behaviour.
In a next phase, these statistics will be extended with the driving style of young drivers with the aim to raise their awareness.
- Reducing the intervention time after serious accidents
Numerous studies show that the intervention speed after an accident helps to reduce the number of serious injuries and moreover saves many lives.
The above mentioned system will - based on defined criteria - immediately after the crash send a signal to our assistance providers, who will propose further assistance to the driver.
- Prevention concerning the fleet risks in collaboration with a specialised prevention company.
We offer companies a total concept to limit their fleet risk in every respect as much as possible. We support these companies in reducing fuel consumption and improve their fleet performance.

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