European Road Safety Charter


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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The lack of visibility of vehicles can cause accidents. Therefore, in the coming years, PuntoHuesca will continue to pursue a not for profit campaign against traffic accidents, which objective will be to raise visibility of vehicles.
The campaign will be developed through the promotion and dissemination of our poster (on our website, registration of all county authorities, councils of provincial capitals, road safety committee of Congress, General Directorate of Traffic , road safety committee of the ministry, associations and foundations...). It consists in the prevention of traffic accidents through placing reflective vinyl stickers on the rear bumper of vehicles thus increasing vehicle visibility in adverse situations.
We invite drivers to "give themselves more visibility in day and night time" by getting reflecting vinyl stickers having the same colour as their vehicles and place them in the rear bumper. These stickers, easily available in any Digital Impression Centres, are a cheap and efficient mean to increase the visibility of vehicles.
We expect to extend the campaign across Europe.
Contributors: Fundación Pons, Asociación ayuda en carretera dya, Asociación Victimas accidentes de tráfico, Asociación estatal Victimas de accidentes, Asociación investigadores accidentes de tráfico