European Road Safety Charter

“Puchatek Safety Club”.

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In the school year 2015/2016 our school once again took part in the educational program for first graders from primary schools called “Puchatek Safety Club”. The first year at school is a new stage in the life of both a child and his parents. For many of parents it is the first time they leave their child in teachers’ care. This is why we want our school to be unforgettable experience for children. “Puchatek Safety Club” is a program which in a very simple and accessible way not only gives information about road safety but also teaches pupils how to avoid risks at school or on the Internet. The content of the program includes: 1. Safety on the road. 2. Safety at school. 3. Safety at home. 4. Safe holidays. The program is organized and carried out by the Maspex company, the producer of “Puchatek” – instant cocoa drink, in cooperation with the National Police Headquarters, the Office of Prevention and Road Traffic. It is organized under the patronage of the National Police Headquarters and the School Superintendent. First-graders could consolidate and check their knowledge taking part in the Safety Knowlegde Test which consisted of 15 questions concerning safety at home, at school, on the road and on the Internet. The test was in the written form and it also contained pictures. Each questions had three answers given and only one was correct. After the test children could check their score and see which of their answers were correct and which were wrong. The aim of the test was not only to check pupils’ knowledge but also to teach them something new.