European Road Safety Charter

Public transport company

STIVO’S ROAD SAFETY EDUCATION In the framework of our corporate social responsibility, STIVO has developed citizenship and road safety education plans toward civil society and especially young public between 8 to 18 year-old in order raising awareness and understanding of road safety and citizenship issues. As a public transport company, we have decided to provide road safety information for children because they are vulnerable as passengers or pedestrians. Early education gives children the tools they need to be safer today. Our aim is: • To encourage safer behaviors • To reduce the number of people injured in our buses and more generally in public transport or roads every year. • To reduce public transport accidents among this target • To develop awareness on public transports and more generally on road safety major issues • To create good relationship between our ombudsmen and stakeholders (youth, …) We have carried out plans which are organized as follow: The Warehouse tour We regularly organize a warehouse tour and workshops for schools (primary, junior and high schools)… in order to introduce the teenagers to the public transport environment and explain the rules they have to respect on buses and stations: several visits are made in the year. They discover the different jobs, and also how the company runs. The workshops are led by a conductor and 2 ombudsmen. The workshop consisted of: • taking the children by bus and bring them to the warehouse on a specific bus station (for free) • Splitting them in 2 groups (one stay in the bus, and the other group in a meeting room), we switch them later. The group in the bus with the conductor will have: • Introduction of STIVO world, the different jobs • Private tour of the bus (functionalities, …) • Provide the emergency evacuation rules • Discovery of road safety rules on and around the bus area • Children perform in role-playing games on road safety rules topic with professional outfits (ticket inspector outfit, …) The group in the meeting room with the ombudsmen will have: • Introduction of STIVO world, the different jobs • Debate on children good or bad behaviors around the bus area • Explanation of road safety and citizenship rules • Danger of Alcohol (we have special glasses to make them feel the effects of alcohol) • Good behaviors to take a bus (buy and stamp tickets, say hello to the conductor, keep the bus clean when get off, do not throw bullets, …) • Show them our own produced movie about citizenship and road safety rules “Ligne de Conduite” co-written and rolled with neighborhood children • Good behaviors while they are in the street (crossing roads, respect traffic lights, …) • Children perform in role-playing games on citizenship topic with professional outfits (ticket inspector outfit, …) At the end of the workshop, we monitor them (by few questions) about things we have debated on to see their comprehension. Then, the tour continue to the different departments, to see how they work. Afterward, they come back to the meeting room where we distribute reflective safety bracelets and refreshments. External interventions We usually lead road safety actions in different types of event in the Cergy-Pontoise urban area (neighborhood parties, safety road day…) by running booths In this context, we have produced two games on road safety topic (STIVO’ster and Memo STIVO) that required physical and psychological activities: people and especially children can participate and learn in a very exciting way. The STIVO’ster is a variation of the twister on which you find road safety and citizenship rules. During these external interventions, we can also use the customized bus “cahier de route” (more explanation below) Cahier de route organization “Cahier de route” is an organization created in 2006 by association of several public transport companies included STIVO, education body. The organization is sustained by Cergy-Pontoise urban area, Val d’Oise prefect, and Inspectorate of education. Its objectives are: • Work on communal cause: “ young people safety on and around bus” • Provide safety messages for young people • Develop safety communal means The tools use • Educational briefcase for elementary and junior schools (it’s handed over to the teacher to continue) • Educational movie explaining rules around the bus area(it’s handed over to the teacher to continue) • Educational briefcase for high schools and apprentice training centers • DVD and CD’s • The website • The customized bus “cahier de route” which was co-financed by all members of the organization in which we trying to raised their interest on road safety by providing digital experiences. The cahier de route bus have been converted in three dedicated spaces: • The information space fill in with the organization printed communication • The interactive space with its 5 computers on which children can test their knowledge relating to safety road • The Lounge space located at the back of the bus where children can watch educational movies and strike up debates. Children can learn in different way safety road rules and make them aware about the danger. From 2014-2015, the organization have made interventions to 2044 students for more than 87 schools regardless of type. Otherwise, Val d’Oise prefect organize every year the “Quinzaine des usagers vulnérables” for young people to make drawings about safety road. We always encourage young people to participate and the best ones are posted on our buses.