European Road Safety Charter

PTV Group

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Software tools from PTV Group are used to plan transportation networks in more than 110 countries and in 90% of the world’s megacities. If we succeed in educating and enabling our clients to take road safety into account during their infrastructure planning process (at least to a higher degree than they do now), we have the chance to help significantly reduce traffic related incidents on a global scale on the long run.
Thus we realize the impact for road safety we have and therefore we commit to the following:
- Raise client awareness We are committed to raising the awareness of traffic safety among our clients. We explain the possible impact of safer road planning to our clients. We will do so by disseminating safety awareness in our newsletters, customer magazines, user group meetings, workshops and via safety focussed video animations on our YouTube channel.  
- Ensure the availability of safety focussed tools We will develop, offer and support software tools for road safety applications.
- Spread our expertise We will continue to be part of projects in the road and pedestrian safety field in commercial and research projects and provide safety software and project support to clients and in partnerships and networks 
Also, as an employer of more than 600 people worldwide we strive to keep our employees safe. To this effect we commit to the following:
- Create and circulate guidelines for safe travels We will introduce guidelines for employee travels covering individual behavioural aspects (e.g. “Don't Drink & Drive”, “Start your journey well ahead of time to prevent speeding”) and travel planning and management aspects (e.g. favour hotel stay to long late evening or early morning drives, favour public transport where possible and feasible).
- Assure vehicle safety of company cars Company car acquisition will favour cars with state-of-the-art safety features and safety equipment. By defining companywide standards we will raise the safety standard for company vehicles. This will include not only the safety equipment (e.g. winter tyres, ABS, ESP, eCall) but also maintenance and service intervals and a vehicle check list to ensure safe driving conditions for car pool vehicles before each trip.
- Raise road safety awareness through employee information We will organize special events or include information and advice in our newsletters and magazines for employees at least twice a year (topics may include e.g. “New insights in tunnel safety” or “Safe commute to work by bike”).