Promoting the responsible use of motorcycles

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety?

Motorcycles are part of the solution to our problems of safety and sustainability. We commit to promote a responsible use of motorcycles in our city, Madrid. The promotion will be sustained on three main lines of action:

1. User awareness. We commit to co-work with the Administration and Authorities on the awareness of all users of the roads and streets.

2. User skills development. We commit to develop a permanent academy to train motorcycle users.

3. Renovation of the motorcycles in use aiming to improve passive safety and lower GHG emissions.


Road safety and risk behaviour

Estimated impact & ways of measuring

All related to Madrid Autonomous Community:
1) Reduction of accidents
2) Reduction of GHG emissions
3) Motorcycle park in use: growth in number and lower the avg. age

Resources (personnel, budget, etc.)

We’ll work from the association and bring the sponsoring of relevant players and governmental authorities.

Your knowledge

AMDA has wide expertise and knowledge in:

- Car & motorcycle retail industry

- Car & motorcycle technology (ADAS)

Broad access to customers/drivers/riders and a strong capacity of influence.

Geographical scope of the activities

I offer to be an ERSC mentor, sharing my experiences with other members



Eventual partnerships in your commitment

All associates of AMDA, regional Authorities and governmental institutions. Industry related partners.