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Pro Driver 25 + : II edition

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In 2015-2016 Prodriver Foundation ( realised the II edition of the project „Pro Driver 25+”: its purpose was to improve the technical skills of 300 drivers by proposing them drive courses for a very accessible cost, on a track near Tarnów. The courses were conducted in small groups, using innovative tools like crash symulator, rotation simulator, first aid techniques and driving on sliding surface. We also organised 2 big events called „OPEN DAYS PRODRIVER” (with a participation of more than 1000 people) during which we organized simulations of road accidents and taught how to behave in such situations, using innovative and attractive equipment (crash simulator, rotation simulator, virtual simulator of driving course) and combining courses with moto –show events (stunt, drift performances, etc). The project gathered again several key institutions responsible for road safety in the region: police, driving schools, local authorities. We also created a web forum on which our participants were encouraged to share together their ideas and remarks about road safety in their region (basically Southern Poland): those ideas were partly used afterwards to create a publication “By the drivers for the drivers” produced in 300 booklets. The products of the project were: a) a video – a scientific experience on the track where we tested with 5 drivers how the alcohol impacts on their capacities. This was the first time in Poland that such an experience was filmed and released to raise the awareness of drivers and prevent the people from drinking alcohol and driving. b) a publication – “By the drivers for the drivers” – a set of 21 stories told by drivers, with a comment of an expert plus some stories of police archives. In the framework of a contest we brought 2 participants on a track – in Kielce – where they tested two legendary sport cars – Ferrari Italia vs Lamborghini Hurrican!