European Road Safety Charter

Preschooler safe on the road

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Preschooler safe on the road


Lublin is a city with a high traffic. Our kindergarten is situated in the city center, near very busy streets and intersections. We want to prepare our preschoolers to move safely in traffic. We want to equip pupils with the skills and knowledge of the consequences of their own actions, sensitize on the need to care for their own safety and the ability to cope with difficult situations.


In developing the action plan we took into account our experience, proven forms of cooperation and childlike understanding working methods.

The project is addressed to:

• Preschoolers

• parents

• teachers

• residents of the city of Lublin

The team of teachers developed the project "Preschooler safe on the road", which was published on the website of the Lublin Board of Education as an example of Good Practice.


As part of the contents of the safety of children and adults in traffic we plan and implement many innovative forms: classes and activities for children to promote security, workshops for teachers, classes open to teachers of the City of Lublin and their parents, going at the crossroads, public transport tour, pre-school competitions: art, recitation, songs review, quizzes and events at the local level: Lubelski Marsz Zebry (March of Zebra).


Implementation of safety awareness. Educational activities are designed to achieve the child's skills, knowledge and habits included in the following indicators.

A child:

- knows the rules of safe movement on the road,

- knows the basic road signs

- can cross the road in designated areas.

- can use public transport

- can keep in the vehicle: sitting in the seat, uses seat belts,

- plays in designated areas.

- is visible; wears reflective elements on clothing,

- can ask for help,

- knows the emergency numbers,

- can call the police, ambulance, fire brigade.



Activities with children are conducted in the form of:

- Playground teaching,

- Playground theme using a kit “Autochodzik”(a car costume) and well-equipped "educational corner",

- Driving lesson at "EWAN",

- Meetings with the police: Traffic Department, Division of Prevention

of the Municipal Police Headquarters,

- Meeting with the Municipal Police, the Military Police,

- Excursions, walks on the intersection,

- Practical exercises involving crossing the road, reading road signs, respecting traffic lights, observation of traffic (pedestrians and vehicles).

- Learning the principles of first aid,

- Agility competitions, art, music.

- Since June 2012, in collaboration with students of the College of Business and Administration we organize a “Lubelski Marsz Zebry” (March of Zebra). This is an innovative urban event, whose participants are preschoolers from Lublin kindergartens, students from Lublin schools and adult residents of Lublin.  

An urban event "Lubelski Marsz Zebry” ( March of Zebra) promotes road safety among the residents of Lublin. The event is covered by the Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Lublin. During the festival on the central square in the city there is a stage, where children from Lublin kindergartens and schools perform. Participants of organized educational events will learn and perpetuate the safety rules: they learn first aid, receive pedestrian reflectors; can give blood for the victims of road accidents in the Blood Donation ambulance station.