European Road Safety Charter

Premium Relations Ltd.

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Premium Relations Ltd commits to the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years with the following actions:
1. We will present at least three press releases in each year related to traffic safety. These will be available in several professional magazines (printed and online) of Hungarian transport related organizations such as:KözlekedésbiztonságKözlekedéstudományi SzemleKTE NewsletterAutóvezetőwww.ktenet.huwww.kti.hu
All of our publications will be shown on our website and will be sent to the ERSC.
2. We will give a presentation on the road safety for youth at Festivals at the EPTS – European Platform for Transport Sciences conference that will take place in Budapest, this autumn 2012. In our presentation, we will focus on accident prevention and highlight the road related risks that young people are open to when attending large festivals. Special attention will be paid on alcohol related risks, the use of seat belts and the use of helmets in case of motorcyclists. To demonstrate our points we will use last year´s VOLT festival that attracted more than 100 000 youngers and where we had a tent giving out road safety related advice.
3. We will organize a road safety related roadshow at the KTE (Association of Transport Sciences) event that will take place in Budapest during the autumn of 2012. Some of the participants in our roadshow will be members from the public transport companies and local police officers. University students will also take part. The aim of our roadshow will be demonstrate good practices on the roads.
4. We will carry out a road safety training initiative for children between the ages of 4-7. For this we have created two figures “Tobias” and “Balamber” which are puppies and will be used as road safety teachers. For the coming three years we plan to expand this initiative into theatre performances, create manuals for primary schools teachers and parents and create exercise books for the children. We will also take part in at least 5 family outdoor programma days at which our figures will be handing out road safety related objects such as visibility armbands, cds and stickers.