European Road Safety Charter

Pöyry Infra Traffic GmbH

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The company Pöyry Infra Traffic GmbH wants to act socially responsible that is why we have decided to support the goal of the EC and the European Road Safety Charter. Especially, safety in hazard zones is important for us. We will commit to the following actions in the years 2008- 2011:Every two years (2009, 2011) we organise an exhibition and fair with the theme street tunnels.
We will organise additionally and without economical interest the traffic tunnel conference ‘traffic and safety in traffic tunnels’ for 300 attendants in Hamburg. At the event 20 to 30 lecturers will speak about safety in traffic tunnels who aim to diminish hazards in traffic tunnels. We hope to decrease incidents, accidents and risks.

At the conference we will distribute 200 Flyers. We will also display 10 posters. Posters and Flyers will refer to and raise awareness to the general theme of traffic safety (fasten seatbelts, dangers in traffic tunnels).
We plan to hand out print materials (leaflets) about correct behaviour in traffic tunnels to the attendants of the conference. There, we will also have a short speech about general road safety.
We will emphasize the dangers in traffic and the possibilities to avoid them on our webpage (30 000 - 40 000 visitors a year)