European Road Safety Charter

Polizeidirektion Schwäbisch Hall

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Our actions are about the reduction of serious traffic accidents and their consequences, especially among young drivers. Positive results should be achieved through the following actions:
o We will amplify speed controls, particularly at relevant accident points
o We will introduce joint speed controls with the district authority Schwäbisch Hall and the district towns Schwäbisch Hall and Crailsheim
o We will give information lectures on road safety in seven vocational schools from autumn 2009 to spring 2010 and in the new classes starting from autumn 2010, as well as in subsequent years
o We will organise road safety information events in at least five different training institutions per term, beginning in autumn 2009.
o We will consult with regulatory authorities and associations in terms of road safety, in order to attract more attention to the subject "Protection of young people"
o We will conduct ongoing road safety monitoring of events, especially during festivals and discotheques 
o We will prepare video spots on road safety for the cinema
o We will organize youth protection patrols in the city centers, in order to reduce alcohol consumption in public places among young people.
o In addition, effective road safety work will be brought to focus internationally on our Landestag (Regional Day) of Road Safety on September 18-20 2010 in Schwäbisch Hall. We are organizing this event in cooperation with the City of Schwäbisch Hall and Road Safety Council. All three organizations have signed a cooperation agreement with large-scale arrangements. Under the slogan "Here and There. 25.000 lives to save", we will invite the police departments of twin cities that will take part in comparative research on road safety work. The aim is to determine the most successful practices that help to reduce the number of accidents among young drivers. Our cooperation partners will be police departments from Epinal/France, Lappeenranta/Finnland, Zamosc/Poland and Neustrelitz/Germany. We have created contacts to the police departments from Loughborough/Great Britain and Balikesir/Turkey.
Professional exchange of police departments from different European countries will be developed until the Landestag 2010 and will be continued afterwards.
It is already evident that close partnerships between cities and police departments has an overall positive impact.

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