European Road Safety Charter

Police Zone West-Limburg

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

1. We commit ourselves to take measurements according to the indicators required by the University of Hasselt, and also to deliver these data to the University of Hasselt.
We will take the following measurements:
Speed measurements (continuously throughout the whole year) with the following indicators: location, time, number of vehicles, number of offenses ...
Alcohol measurements and seat belt use during actions with the following indicators: location, time, number of employed persons, number of vehicles, number of offenses ... (the data are transmitted after each action)
Furthermore, the following information shall be transmitted to the University of Hasselt:
Non-personal information on traffic offenses regarding speed, alcohol, drugs and seat belt use (e.g. location, time, type of offense, age category, time of obtaining the driving license, vehicle type...).This is done 1x per year in January for the data of the past year.
Non-personal information on road accidents (e.g. location, time, accident type, age category, time of obtaining driving license, vehicle type, condition of the victims, aggravating circumstances...).The information will be transmitted 1x per year in January for the data of the past year.
2. Through continuous monitoring of data on enforcement and road accidents, we will provide the road authorities with information to support their policy (infrastructural measures).
The monitoring is done through a GIS system that is checked daily. The monitoring includes the creation of a manoeuvre diagram and a digital sketch of the accident, in addition to the data from the ISLP (Information System for Local Police Force) that are transmitted automatically.Once a month we will carry out an analysis of the accidents that occurred in recent months and we will make an evaluation of the current year.The information exchange with the road authorities will go through e-mails, and additional documents (photographs, manoeuvre diagrams, analysis) to support the issues.

charter your road saftey problem(s) 

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