European Road Safety Charter


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During the school year we organize many meetings to make our students realize what kind of dangers they can meet on their way to school and back home. We believe that thanks to such meetings our students will be more safe and their knowledge of how to call for help and first aid abilities will not have to be checked in real situations. This school year there were several meetings with police officers. On 29th September two female police officers visited our school. They reminded the students what they should do to be safe not only on their way to school and back home but also in other situations. They told the children that they should always fasten the seat belt in a car. The big attraction for the students was a possibility to show the interior of a police car. In revenge the student gave the officers some souvenirs. The last meeting of such kind was on 7th December. This time the police officers arrived at school with Santa Claus. They reminded the students how important it is to wear reflectors on their clothes in order to be seen from the distance. They also helped the students decorate the Christmas tree, with reflectors of course! The students sang a song about the reflectors and police officers gave them some badges with slogans about safety on the streets. They were later placed in their parents’ cars.