European Road Safety Charter

Organizing in-depth investigations and upkeeping its database, upkeeping claims statistics, driving school material, reports

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The Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre (FMIC) is a cooperation body of motor insurance companies in Finland. Their joint traffic safety efforts are coordinated and supervised by the Traffic Safety Committee of Insurance Companies (VALT), a body appointed by the Board of the Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre. Based on legislation (Act 24/2001) the FMIC organizes the investigation of road and cross-country traffic accidents and upkeeps the accident database. In Finland, every fatal road and cross-country accident is investigated in-depth and on-the-spot by multidisciplinary investigation teams. Additionally the FMIC upkeeps motor insurance claims statistics. Our focus is to ensure that in addition to our own reports our data is used in traffic safety researches, traffic safety plans, law preparations etc.