European Road Safety Charter

Objectif Prévention Martinique

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

We will organise different kinds of road safety actions:
- Training adapted to driving license B, per session of 12-24 months, beginning in September 2010, for 10 young people under 26 and 10 recipients of social minima, in the context of their social and professional integration with a special emphasis on road safety and eco-mobility.
- Four month training sessions in preparation of the Road Safety Certificate. The next session is scheduled for September 2010 with two groups of eight young children taken charge of by the Judicial Youth Protection Service.
- 10 road safety awareness courses per year for a period of four hours for underage first offenders supervised by the Judicial Youth Protection Service.
- Setup each school year of an education trail for Road Safety, validating the Certificate of First Road Safety Education for the primary school children of Martinique.
- Information and awareness from January 2011 on of the entire population through information campaigns visiting once a month in a town of the island with games and educational workshops on Road Safety with different partners.
For the implementation of all these actions, all the association’s employees and volunteers, in particular the driving and road safety instructor, qualified with a Certificate of Driving and Road Safety Education and the President of the association in its capacity of Departmental Road Safety Speaker.

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