European Road Safety Charter

Non-commercial DVD's for pedagogical work with children aged 6-14 (in German language)

  1. Malti
  2. English

AZT created three DVD's presenting videos on the topics

in-car child restraint systems
blind spot, when cycling (and walking), and
wearing helmet when cycling.

The material is to use in traffic safety pedagogical work, done by teachers, police-staff, trainers and others, working with children 6-14 years. The DVD's were made in cooperation with the German Road Safety Council (DVR) and do not include advertising, but were designed for use as teaching aids. The videos are moderated by, in Germany, prominent TV moderators, serving that specific age-group. Over the last years, the DVD's were distributed quite well in German mediators for traffic education. The videos are accompanied by background informations for the teachers, such as accident statistics and other explanations that help to get preperated for the topic.

The videos are on (In-car child restraint), (Bicycle helmet) and (Blind spot). Feel free to use the films for non-commercial road safety educational work. For free DVD's contact