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New web portal in the area of road safety prevention and safety in Slovenia

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Slovenian private advertising company Siletra is launching a brand new web portal in the area of road safety prevention and safety. Together with local automobile clubs, companies, organizations and different field experts their mission is to raise awareness and educate about traffic education issues. Mobility and the associated challenges are opening completely new dimensions to their program activities, so they want to connect the findings of all those who see modern traffic safety as an important segment of social development and, at the same time, do their bets to make day-to-day traffic participants aware of them. “ In the modern society the accessibility from point A to point B nowadays does not actually play a significant role in technical and time perspective. Even 100 years ago this would definitely be a more challenging effort. Despite the technologically advanced mobility of the 21st century, moving from point A to point B still opens a whole lot of issues. Whether we should choose the shortest or cheapest route, personal vehicle or public transportation, motor vehicle or electric drive vehicle due to technological developments and an increased focus on renewable energy? We’re enthusiastically engaging in technological transformation in the area of mobility, but at the same time overwhelmed by the uncertainty and concern about statistics that, in particular, do not follow the technological revolution in the field of road safety. 100 % safety for all road users, even in the presently shaped Western civilization, remains a fantasy and unfortunately will continue so for some time. Let us introduce you to a web portal that, in a multitude of comprehensive information services, related to mobility topics, offers something more about traffic prevention in an innovative and creative way. We have brought together experts from different fields and together we will co-create a medium with helpful, educational and nevertheless entertaining information about traffic safety and culture of today and in the past. Our aim is to raise awareness, inform and warn with sincere intent of becoming better and more exemplary traffic participants. In addition to the active creation of online media and in cooperation with associations, different national associations and private companies, we would like to upgrade public events in the field of transport and traffic safety, which we have co-created in the past years. Follow us, we look forward to your feedback and support. Have a safe trip! “ Varna mobilnost