European Road Safety Charter

Nestlé UK Ltd

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Nestlé UK commitment is focused on the establishment of a Safe Driving Programme (SDP) that will provide a consistent methodology for actions. The SDP will provide a platform for all road safety activities and systems; we clearly understand that road safety happens through the planned efforts of individuals, systems and management commitment in the organisation. We have approximately 2,000 drivers and vehicles and numerous contractors.
1.                 Over the coming year we will set up a central Safe Driving Committee (SDC) this top down mandate will focus on implementing the infrastructure for the Safe Driving commitment. We will review periodically the Safe Driving Programme for performance and to set new objectives and targets. Members of the SDC will consist of Heads of Department that use vehicles e.g. Sales, Distribution etc, other departments that provide support service e.g. Fleet, Logistics, Safety, Health and Environment. Employee participation / representation will be encouraged.
The SDC will meet at a minimum of twice a year; one to set up objectives and targets and the other to review Key Performance Indicators (KPI), targets and safe driving programmes.  
We will use a '10 point checklist' that will enable a Safe Driving Programme to be implemented to reduce our road risk exposure. The ten point checklist consists of the following: 1. Policies, 2. Objectives and Targets (KPI), 3. Risk Assessment, 4. Legal Compliance (and Other Requirements), 5. Communication, Mobility and Journey Management, 6. Driver Recruitment, Selection, Induction and Training, 7. Driver Management, Driver Work Instructions & Contract Driver Procedures, 8. Driver Health and Wellness, 9. Vehicle Selection, Management and Use and Eco Driving & 10. Specific Risks
2. We will run a web based programme to determine our current driving standards and train drivers to mitigate that risk. We will use this system to develop, review and implement training and by reports to continuously improve. We will disseminate our findings to key personnel
3. We will collate Safe Driving KPI data and report internally from this we will set objectives.   The Central Safe Driving Committee will consolidate the KIP and report to Group.
4. Cooperation and Communication are crucial to strengthening road safety efforts. To ensure an identity for the Safe Driving Programme we will design and establish a one day awareness programme to communicate our commitment. This will enable individuals within the organisation to align themselves to the values of safe driving. 
Duration of commitment 2009-2011