European Road Safety Charter

Negrar City Council - Local Police / Comune di Negrar - Polizia Locale

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The Municipal Administration has made it a strategic objective to reduce the number of road accidents occurring within the confines of the municipality. In order to achieved the results, we will be implementing a procedure for improving road safety.
This involves:
- An analysis of the state of the road network within the municipality in conjunction with the local police force, in order to draw up a list of the black spots for road users (vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists); on the basis of these data, routine and emergency road maintenance operations will be scheduled.
- An analysis of the road accidents that have occurred in the last 10 years with particular attention to the places, types of vehicles involved and the infringements committed. On the basis of these data, checks on drivers will be increased and intervention planned to make stretches of highway safer.
Information and awareness-raising campaigns will be held annually for the general public and for primary and lower secondary school pupils, mainly through public meetings, focusing on the consequences of road accidents, on their causes, and on how we can change what we do so as to prevent them. If resources permit, we will also consider conducting information campaigns in the press.