European Road Safety Charter

National Association Against Lack of Road Safety - ANLCIR

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

We renew our commitment to the Charter undertaking to implement the following initiatives:
1. All too many accidents occur when children get off school buses; in actual fact, even if buses are equipped with rear-view mirrors, blind spots still exist and drivers do not have the visibility required in order to be able to manoeuvre safely. We aim to have an accompanying adult on ALL school buses who may assume a number of important roles such as supervising nursery school children getting on and off the bus, enforcing discipline on the bus, ensuring the proper conduct of the driver and their driving aptitude, etc. To do so, we undertake to disseminate information concerning the methods and results of these actions (by publishing at least 20 articles in the local media and magazines aimed at local officials) and to put ten pilot initiatives in place over the next three years.
2. Shooting a film that shall be presented at the World Road Safety Film Festival, to be shown subsequently to students from primary school to university. This film will recount a day in the life of the average family with all their tribulations and that ends in an accident, which fortunately is not serious, but which sparks discussion and reflection among viewers/students. This film will be split into several sequences and will be suitable for all ages.
3. Resumption of the campaign to escort party-goers home at night in order to ensure their safety and the safety of those they may meet on the road when returning home. This campaign, which came to a standstill in 2008 due to a lack of financial resources, helped prevent many fatal accidents at the weekend. The assessment made thereof revealed that the number of fatal accidents at the weekend fell considerably in the departments where the initiative was implemented and over the course of its duration (nine years). The system was well received by the population, of which some highly aware individuals have naturally adopted this practice to the present day. However, it is important to resume this action to continue raising the awareness of drivers and particularly young drivers that are discovering nightlife and alcohol consumption at weekends.
4. To heighten the awareness of businesses, authorities and road users on the importance of obtaining a safety kit comprising a hammer and a knife allowing them (or passengers, if conscious, and potential witnesses) to cut through the seatbelt(s) and smash the windows if necessary to free trapped passengers, especially if the vehicle is submerged in water or in the event of fire. This kit is sold in specialised car stores at a cost ranging from €15 to €20. It is an inexpensive action that can help save lives. All these initiatives will be managed by the departments and the national office for a period of at least three years.