European Road Safety Charter

Municipality of Calais

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The City of Calais, will introduce in the next 3 years the following:
---- The First Certificate of Education on the Road (REA) is aimed at children that are year’s old and attending primary classes of CE2 and CM1. It consists of one hour of theory on the dangers of the road, one hour of practice "Discovery of the bike" in the court schools and 7 hours of work only with the teacher.
Monitoring is planned to assess the changes in road behavior and the progress made by the children. A diploma will then be issued. These themes will be adopted by the teachers in general education.
---- Tracks Road Safety: This is a runway model painted in some schoolyards in order to make children more careful with their. These tracks are also for the children who spent time in Recreation Centers coming during the holiday seasons. The program includes one hour of theory to educate children about the dangers of the road and workshops titled "Checking the Essential equipment", "move in reaching out to turn or roll in a straight line" - a third workshop aims to encourage children to use the trail lined with signs. Public: Schools: 8 / 10 years - in recreation centers: 6 to 14 years.
---- Track Road Safety "Site Haguenau Street" - A cycle track will be painted on the ground with the dimensions of of 30m X 35m for children willing to come with their parents, their association or their teachers. It will include a roundabout and traffic lights amd a crossroads. The bikes will be provided by an insurer: MACIF PREVENTION. A theory session will be offered with the distribution of documents in an adjacent room which is where the association "La Maison des Associations" is based.
---- A monument will be set up in memory of road victims will created to raise awareness of the dangers of the road. The contacts will be made with the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims and the French Association of Victims and Road Accidents A ceremony will be conducted every third Sunday in November.
---- Roadside checks – Speed checks: The currently existing ones will be reviewed and re implemented at key locations.. Documentation will be distributed to motorists who are punished or fined. Through these efforts of monitoring and analytical thinking a better traffic circulation will be established. For Example and at the moment a large avenue is under investigation where last year two deaths occurred in 1. The results will be evaluated and new traffic signs will be set up where necessary.
---- Forums Road Safety: A Forum on Road Safety already took place September 21 (attached) similar forums on road safety will take place in the coming years.
---- Reminding the senior citizens of the road safety regulations. This will take place by organizing talks in coordination with associations for the elderly.
---- Creating a Chain of Traffic Safety through France. On 21 September, 75 children social centers presented the masks (PSAC logo) to the President of this association. They were given to primary school children up yo 500 km away (in the CLEMONT CHER) so they can also perform a road safety action and then give them to other children in France. Each city will become a link in the chain and connect with others. (Specifications to be agreed with the PSAC)
---- Training for adults with disabilities: In October 2011, two Fridays per month will be devoted to theoretical training of 147 adults working in the studio "white butterflies."
---- A video contest with the theme: "the dangers of the road in my neighborhood" will be set up in 2012 with youth community centers.