European Road Safety Charter

Municipality of Budapest

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The Municipality of Budapest will join to the European Road Safety Charter with the following commitments:
Infrastructural measures: 
-        Regular analysis of the accident data, examination of the most dangerous (and not examined in the previous years) junctions, examining of the traffic signs of the most dangerous routes.
-        For the safety of the pedestrians establishing 30 new pedestrian crossings; improving of the signs of 30 existing pedestrian crossings for the better recognizability (prisms, vehicle-slowing cross-strips, signs with improved light reflection).
-        Increasing of the modal share of the public transport with better attractivity is important not only from environmental, but also from traffic safety reasons, because a trip made by public transport means less accident risk, than a trip with car. For this reason we establish 6 km new bus lanes on the sections with traffic congestions.
-        For the safety of the bicycle users establishment of 40 km new bicycle infrastructure (cycle lane, cycle path).
Measures for the behaviour of the participants of the street traffic:
-        Competition for the students on a "Road traffic day" one time each year, focusing beyond the traffic rules on the orderly traffic behaviour also. Training-like exposition of concrete accident analysis and statistical data for the students. Focus group: Secondary school students (16 school classes, 480 persons/year) 
Period of the commitment: 2010-2012

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