European Road Safety Charter

Moto Club Asso Asd

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Moto Club Asso seeks to achieve the following objectives:
- Develop individual responsibility in order to instil greater civic sense.
- Raise awareness about rules relating to correct behaviour in order to improve road use.
- Teach about individual and group safety.
- Teach about respect of rules and traffic signs.
- Develop awareness of road signs.
- Raise awareness about road hazards.
- Teach about negative psychological behaviours when driving (narcissism, power, the myth of cars, etc).
- Teach the basic techniques for driving two-wheeled vehicles.
- Teach about controlling vehicle speed in different traffic contexts.
- Teach about driving vehicles safely in different contexts.
- Promote mental and physical health among motorcyclists.
Over the next three years, Moto Club Asso will undertake to:
"        Contribute to preparing secondary school pupils in the region attending courses for the moped test (approximately 200 young people).
"        Promote class-based meetings held by one of its members, Rinaldo Batelli, involving pupils and/or parents and the use of educational material containing practical advice on the safe driving of two-wheeled vehicles, available at SICURO IN SELLA: (which has over 1,000 blog contacts and approximately 5,000 individual and group members on Facebook).
"        Set up a road safety stand on the occasion of the motorcycle events organised by Moto Club Asso (MOTORASSO and Motoesposizione) which attract huge crowds.
"        Promote respect of the Highway Code and the practice of correct behaviour by its own members and those participating in tours and rallies (approximately five per year).
"        Participate in practical driving tests organised by the USP (provincial school department) in conjunction with the Italian Motorcycle Federation.
"        Work together with the administrative authorities, the law enforcement authorities and the local police on the issue of road safety.

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