European Road Safety Charter

Malopolska Wojewodzka Rada Bezpieczenstwa Ruchu Drogowego: 0 mortal victims in Malopolska by 2050

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The Małopolska Provincial Road Safety Council (MWRBRD) initiates and undertakes a number of activities to make Polish, and in particular, Małopolska roads safer. The programs are aimed at all road users. The activities carried out by the council are long-term and systemic in nature; are implemented in close consultation with entities for which safety on Polish roads is a priority. The council includes 27 members from all region collaborating for road safety. The main goal established by the Council is 0 victims in the region by 2050. Centrum Inicjatyw na rzecz poprawy Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego forms part of the Council. More: