London Borough of Ealing

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety?

The continued high accident rates mean we still need to focus on making significant reductions. Our priority is to improve vulnerable road user's safety, on one hand through training and awareness, on the other hand through Road danger reduction. This means promoting the active and sustainable modes of transport -cycling and walking and using public transport, while minimizing the road dangers that they can present.
       A- Our actions about Road safety’s users include: traffic calming, cycle training, travel awareness and general transport policy.
1. Traffic calming
A report about the effects of traffic calming will go to our Cabinet in March 2009. The emphasis is on reduction in accidents, considering its possible negative impact on emergency services. 
2. Cycle training
We provide skills and confidence training for new and potential cyclists.
3. Travel awareness, with focus on road safety. This is done through events that give us the opportunity to meet the public and distribute leaflets on a number of aspects of travel and road safety.
4. School Travel Plans - Schools within the borough are required to put together a travel plan. The focus is on safer routes to school.
       B- Road danger reduction
PERS3 (Pedestrian Environment Review System) - We will carry out community street audits where engineers will assess a street for safety and then local residents are asked what feels unsafe to them. The two points of views are merged for the right solution. It is about integrating both walking and safety and not either as an isolated element.
The following teams internally work together to get this work done: Transport Strategy, Transport Projects, Highways Management, Environment, Marketing Communications and Active Ealing
Number of people targeted by action: 300,000
Number of materials produced (leaflets, etc.): We have up to 30 different types of leaflets, booklets etc that support our activities.

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