European Road Safety Charter

Local Transport Projects

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

We commit to seeking out proven best practice in casualty reduction and developing effective solutions specific to local problems where we are commisioned to support public and commercial organisations.
As part of our framework contract with our local highway authority we commit to the target of reducing KSI to a maximum of 206 KSI in the East Riding of Yorkshire as a 3 year average for 2008/9/10.
To achieve this we will:
1.  Ensure that our team of staff are trained and developed and have access to relevant sources,
2.  Work closely with the Road Safety team at the local highway authority and Humberside Police to develop effective infrastructure, education and enforcement counter-measures.
The identification of problem sites, routes and user groups is undertaken through an anlaysis of 3 years casualty data. This is completed annually. Monitoring of the performance of counter-measures introduced is accomplished through this data analysis. This process involves members of our team, staff from the local highway authority and Humberside Police.
We will bring this level of focus and commitment to all of our road safety contracts.

charter your road saftey problem(s) 

As road safety professionals we appreciate the need to contribute towards the reduction in needless injury and loss of life on Europe's roads.
In our own local area there is a specific issue with killed and serious injuries (KSI) on the predominantly rural network. We are already working hard for the local highway authority to develop counter-measures to this and other problems. We commit to:
1. Developing the skills and attitude of our staff to minimise their risk of involvement in a collision. This will be achieved through appropriate training and team development sessions using resources provided by Safer Roads Humber and the UK Highways Agency. Collision involvement, both on business and on private journeys, is monitored.
Indicator: An annual target of zero involvement in personal injury collisions for our directly employed 8 staff and additional staff working for sub-contractors.
2. Ensure that our transport planning work maximises those elements which improve road safety, including projects where road safety is not part of the brief. We have 3 staff qualified as Road Safety Auditors and their skills will enable an effective audit of our outputs.
Indicator: Complete an internal audit of all projects to ensure that road safety is a priority in all outputs.

Your knowledge 

We are aware of the casualty issues in the UK and in our local area, where there were 242 KSIs in 2008. The UK's performance in reducing injuries, especially KSI, over the last decade has been impressive but there is a need for valid data comparison across EU states to correctly assess progress.
We would welcome support and expertise is establishing valid data comparisons in order to assist us in our work.