European Road Safety Charter

Live to see twenty

The pilot project financed from Norway grants was realised between years 2015-2016. "Live to see twenty" project was realised due to cooperation of many state, non-profit, firm organisations, hospital and two czech universities under main coordination of The Kolečko Endowment Fund, supervision of The Czech Association of Traffic Accidents Victims and deeply evaluated by methodologists from The Palacký University Olomouc. The main aims of the project were: - prevention of traffic accident emergence, - reduction of possible catastrophic consequences and - effective intervention during already incurred traffic accident. The secondary aims were for exemple: - to share experience of good practice between experts, students and teachers in road safety and effective intervention after the crash, - make public information about project and its results for better adult education of public (due to cooperation with press - local and national). The project was divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The project theory was about presentation of: - information of traffic accidents statistics, - crashes consequences in the chosen risk regions, including presentations of crash tests, - discussion with experts of the Police of the Czech republic, Traffic Safety Research of ŠKODA Auto, a.s., doctor from Thomayer´s Hospital and discussion with man who is quilty of death of 2 people because of crash, in conclusion also preparation on practical part. The practical part was focused on practical training in: - participation of students on hit simulator, - their practical aid to people after simulated crash (with cooperation of people from health service and fire posttraumatic teams) and - alcohol tests and discussion with police members. The project was succesful in changing young people attitudes concerning road safety and empowerment of their encouragement to apply first aid (health, psychosocial, legal and spiritual) after traffic accident.