European Road Safety Charter


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In June 2015 our school took part in a competition called “We rescue and we teach how to rescue”. The group of students chosen we fast to be in a semi-finals and then the finals of the competition. It was not so easy though, because we had to win with many other schools form the whole country. The school newspaper gave us the place in the semi-finals and the film in which both students and parents acted let us be one of eight the best schools in Poland. On 10th June 2015 the students from our school took part in the finals. This was the fourth edition of the competition organized by WOŚP (a charity organization). The finals took place in the center of Warsaw in places known from historical, cultural and touristic reasons. Each team consisting of four students and a teacher was given a map. There were places marked on the map, where students were to go a made different tasks about First Aid. There were 8 team. The team from our school, taught by the teachers Mrs. Edyta Sadowska and Mrs. Anna Russ was in the third place in the end! The contestants of the competition were given prizes. One of the patrons of it was a Vice-Minister of Education Mrs. Urszula Augustyn. She said to the students “We are grateful that you are here, you are a great example for the others”.