European Road Safety Charter

Lions Clubs International D117B Cyprus

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Lions Clubs International D117B Cyprus is concerned that every year in Cyprus there are many road traffic accidents with plenty of casualties, young people drive at high speed and under the influence of alcohol. There are many roads which are dangerous to drive, we believe that we must change to driver's behaviour and therefore commit to:
1. We will facilitate, organise and participate in road safety campaigns. We intend to go to schools and give presentations and speeches, to give demonstrations to our citizens.
 2. We will distribute leaflets (which the experts in road safety will assist us with the content) to accompany the road safety activities. We estimate that we will need about 10.000 leaflets.
3. We will implement the "Lions Quest programs" which are school-based, comprehensive, positive youth development and prevention programs that unite the home, school and community, to cultivate capable and healthy young people of strong character, through life skills, character education, civic values, drug prevention, and service-learning education. These programs also have special presentations for the road safety which we will use. These presentations will be done to the schools, municipalities, etc. We estimate that during these three years campaign, we will manage to make at least 20 presentations which will be done by our special trained trainers.
As we have 900 lions members in 22 clubs in all the main towns of Cyprus, our efforts will have a large impact within our society.

charter your road saftey problem(s) 

Every year we have many accidents with plenty of casualties, young person’s drives with high speed and under alcohol. There are many roads which are dangerous to drive and they must redesign to be safer. We must change to driver's behaviour.

Your knowledge 

We are volunteers, and we are ready to join hands with the experts for send the messages to the public