European Road Safety Charter

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

This year, Life Association carried out a significant road safety education activity in schools, a path of information and prevention about road safety issues and carried out important projects such as "Securtir" (a travelling truck that stops in some squares of the Salerno Province to raise high school students’ awareness) etc.
Over the next 3 years, the Association will conduct the following activities:
- Briefings and training in various institutions of higher and lower education throughout the Province of Salerno. The aim is to speak to teenagers about road safety, the value of Life, with practical demonstrations of first aid and more. It is expected to raise awareness in approximately 15,000 teenagers a year. They will project several DVDs in schools, in collaboration with the Police, Carabinieri, Italian Automobil Club and the Province of Salerno in order to increase road safety culture. 1,000 brochures will be printed – 10,000 flyers - 300 posters - 500 DVDs that will be distributed in schools.
- The song "L'unica cosa che so" (The only thing I know) will be promoted at national level, with the related video of Fabio De Vincenti, a young artist from Turin, who wrote this song with the aim of telling people about two important aspects: the negative effects of alcohol and drugs on driving. For this purpose, radio, TV and newspaper campaigns will be launched.
- The “Black Point” project will be expanded even more, a campaign for signalling dangerous parts of the roads to authorities responsible for road management. The warnings will be seen through our web portal ( where there is a special section dedicated to this issue. The campaign has already gathered about 140,000 followers and the number will increase in the next few years.

charter your road saftey problem(s) 

 Bisogna evitare il continuo bagno di sangue sulle strade. Bisogna agire sull'educazione della gente, farle capire l'importanza della vita, il rispetto di se e degli altri. E' impensabile perdere la propria vita sull'asfalto,

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 L'Associazione Life Onlus collabora constantemente con diversi Enti locali, tra cui numerosi Comuni. Inoltre Life Onlus è in stretta collaborazione con le forze dell'ordine di cui l'associazione annovera alcuni esponenti tra i propri iscritti. L'associazione annovera tra i propri iscritti anche numerosi esperti: periti, avvocati, medici. Tutti a disposizione gratuita di chi ne avesse bisogno.