European Road Safety Charter

Liège University (ULG)

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

To reduce the number of accidents and injuries and raise user awareness about reckless driving.
80% of our users travel by car, mainly to the Sart-Tilman site, which is outside the city centre.
The target population is made up of numerous young people and newly qualified drivers.
Information sessions, distribution of brochures related to the problem, road safety tests, police frontal collision simulator test, etc.
These types of action have never been evaluated. All participants will therefore be asked to fill in a short evaluation questionnaire after the session on learning about or remembering unknown or forgotten road safety rules. This will allow for an ex post evaluation of the number of people actually informed (as opposed to an ex ante evaluation, for which the starting point is zero).
These will be primarily awareness-raising actions and role-play situations.
IBSR (Belgian road safety institute) brochures, tools implemented by the police, and tests possibly designed by the “Je suis pour” association.
During Road Safety Day (in October), as well as during the university fresher weeks.
The following will be involved internally:
The CEMUL (Mobility and Town Planning Research and Management Commission at Liège University) and the External Relations Department.

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