European Road Safety Charter


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On 7th December 2015 there was a lesson about reflectors for the students from our school. On that day the children brought many different things with reflectors as well as reflective vest. They were amazed how the things shone in the fleshes of cameras. At the beginning of the lesson the students sang a song “police officer” (lyrics and music: Katarzyna Bayer and Adam Wacławski) to remind that the police officer’ s task is to ensure the safety on the street… Then they watched a multimedia presentation “Safe Road” (, where a police officer says how to behave on the street in a safe way. Next, the students took part in a discussion about the traffic regulations and the importance of wearing reflectors. The volunteers could present their first aid abilities. At the end of the lesson the students sang another song “Reflective badges” ( music: Mirosław Ziąbem, lyrcs: Jadwiga Koczanowska) and there was a photo of them taken. We hope that after the lesson the students will know more about the traffic regulations and they will realize how important it is to wear reflectors.