European Road Safety Charter

Les Scouts - Fédération des Scouts Baden-Powell de Belgique ASBL

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

A campaign was launched on 16 January 2010 during the meeting of local leaders.
Specifically, it comprises the following leadership and awareness tools made available to the 54,000 scouts:
- Information about group trips in a handy leaflet entitled “Walking in groups; user’s guide”, for all leaders and each patrol (small group of adolescent scouts). This leaflet was designed and published in cooperation with the IBSR and is distributed the evening before each camping trip to all staff members and all patrols (13,000 copies).
- Ready-to-use activities on road safety, adapted to the different age groups. These activity ideas can be downloaded from our website.
- 54,000 safety vests for all scouts and leaders are distributed among all of our units. The objective is to enable all members to make use of these vests so as to be visible during scouting trips.
Commitment duration: three years.

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