European Road Safety Charter

Leeds City Council

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Developing Partnerships and ensuring participation
To work in partnership with all relevant organisations to promote better road safety in Leeds To develop partnerships with local communities to promote better safety To support and participate in regional and national initiatives to promote better road safety To promote healthy, safe and sustainable travel, in co-operation with TravelWise and similar initiatives

Changing Physical Features
To continuously monitor casualty and accident trends and use this to identify appropriate measures To implement safety engineering schemes to address known problems where appropriate, in accordance with current best practiceTo ensure that safety is given prime importance in the design of all other highway related works To use the Council’s function as local planning authority to promote better road safety.

Influencing Opinions and Behaviour
To work with the Police to promote better safety, through education and effective enforcement of restrictions To promote road safety education to children through work with schools, including the safer routes to school initiative and the development of school travel plans To provide road safety training to all classes of road users, both in schools and to other age groups as appropriate To use appropriate publicity and promotions to promote better road safety Specific Actions List of Schemes proposed for implementation in the 2001-2006 Local Transport Plan period.

Area Traffic Calming
Schemes to be implemented in 2004/2005:
Seacroft area 20 mph zone
Middleton area 20 mph zone
Beeston south area 20 mph zone
Bramley West/Farsley 20 mph zone
Moorside/Town End area 20 mph zone
Schemes to be implemented over the period 2004/2006:
Horsforth South 20 mph zone
Roundhay central 20 mph zone
Pudsey/Farnley area 20 mph zone
Otley area 20 mph safety measures
Morley area 20 mph safety measures
Cycling Schemes Schemes to be implemented in 2004/2005:
North West Leeds cycle measures
Colton-Rothwell Cycle Link
West Leeds cycle measures
Schemes to be implemented over the period 2004/2006:
National Cycle Network in Leeds Walking Schemes